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Production: Eetu Albert / Gabriel Contenta / WestFoord / Nicola Young / David Gillham / Melat Solomon / ICEBERG

Engineering: Isabela Zaremba / Marta Radwan / Laura Wright / Intelligence Squared Podcast / Netflix Pilots/ Gabriel Contenta / Martin Floyd / Gabriela Borda

Writing: X-Factor winner MattTerry (175MStreams) /Fanzy Wu / Victor L. / Gazelle Thomson / Asaf Omer / ICEBERG / Many more


Track Production

Full track recording/production

at London studio

Vocal Production

Use great microphones and

preamps to get your best vocal

performance. Service includes

main vocal production, backing vocal

arrangement, final editing and tuning,

rehearsal with vocal coach


Writing session

Write with a charted artist to

turn your track into a hit.

Includes multi-instrument

arrangement and BGV production



Polish your track for radio

and Spotify

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